Detoxing Exfoliating Creme


Select a natural scent – Our Exfoliating Sea Salt Creme products are offered in a variety of natural scented and essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of your skin care experience.


Simplee Natural Detoxing Exfoliating Creme is specially formulated for those with minor skin eruptions, and/or have skin conditions that require external detoxification. Simplee Natural Detoxing Exfoliating Creme contains Simplee Natural Full Body moisturizing creme, pristine Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal, which will absorb dirt, oil, impurities, toxins, and deliver minerals to nourish and assist in keeping skin soft and healthy. Inaddition Simplee Natural Detoxing Exfoliating Creme will kill bacteria and reverse acne eruptions.Simplee Natural Detoxing Exfoliating Creme is a perfect addition to any beaty regiment and will be that go to product of those who want healthy smooth skin.

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Mango Grapefruit, Buttered Vanilla, Lavender Rosemary, Coconut Ginger Almond Vanilla, Citrus Herb, Honeydew, Black Currant Raspberry Vanilla Citrus, Patchouli Cedarwood, Unscented


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